Machine Readable Passports Requirements

Basic Informations For Getting Online Appointment & Processing Of Passport Application At Consulate General of Pakistan, Toronto, Canada.

Machine Readable Passport (MRP) system uses the data from National Database and Registration Authority’s (NADRA) system and MRP application can only be processed if applicant has one of the following valid original documents issued by NADRA:

  1. Computerised National Identity Card (CNIC)
  2. National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP)
  3. Smart National ID Card
  4. Computerized Child Registration Certificate (CRC/Form B) for under 18 years applicants only

If you do not have a valid CNIC, NICOP, Smart National ID Card or CRC please apply for one of these NADRA documents and proceed for MRP application after you have received it. Please click the following link for further information on NADRA Cards:


Machine Readable Passport (MRP) application processing requirements are different for adults and children. Please go through the relevant section carefully before visiting the Consulate General of Pakistan, Toronto, for processing of your MRP application as all documents listed under each category are mandatory and our staff will not be able to process your application if the requirements are not fully met.

  1. Get an online appointment for processing of your passport application after reading the below informations & completion of your papers in all respects.
  2. The applicant should be in possession of original valid CNIC, Passport & CRC/Smart Card in case of the minors, along with their copies.
  3. If an applicant is applying for his/her 1st MRP, will be referred for National Status verification to the security Agency in Pakistan.
  4. Come to the Consulate General of Pakistan, Canada, Toronto for processing of your Passport application as per the Date & Time you are booked by online appointment, No Application will be processed without an online appointment and behind the given time. Please also bring your required documents in original and valid along with its photo copies.
  5. If an applicant has made an Asylum case in United Kingdom against the State of Pakistan & the security agencies. The MRP Section will check about it through official sources, in such cases the (MRP) passport will not be issued to those persons who are against the State & Security risk for Pakistan.
  6. Please bring all the original & valid documents along with the Photo Copies of Papers for processing of Passport for your children, there should be separate sets for all children.
  7. There should be present at least a single parent for processing of MRP application for your children along with the CRC/NADRA Smart along with copies for your children, Bank fee and parents CNICs along with Photocopies.
  8. For any kind of modification/Changes in your passport, please 1st get revised your CRC/CNIC from NADRA and then come to MRP Section for your Passport application along with the revised CRC/CNIC after getting an online appointment.
  9. Under the orders of Supreme Court of Pakistan in 2020, The Director General Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) have framed a policy for the illegal entrants, overstayers (Status less) and those involved in human trafficking smuggling, to place all of them on Black List up to 5 years. Such applicants will be unable to get their Passports till the completion of his/her Black List time/period.
  10. No Passport Applications will be entertained of the illegal and non entitled persons.
  11. Copy of Lost of MRP Passport in case of lost of passport is compulsory. There is extra fee as a fine in case of lost of Passport. The details of fee schedule are present at the Consulate General of Pakistan, Canada, Toronto and DGI&P web sites for your help and information. A conformation will be made from the issuing authority in case of lost of Passport.
  12. The senior citizens are requested to please get an online appointment for processing of your MRP applications. Your application will be processed on priority basis being senior citizen on the day of your appointment in between 10:00 & to 01:00 P.M.
  13. Please bring your British Passport along with Copies in case of Dual National. You will be issued MRP after verification from the security agency in Pakistan if you are not in possession of any Pakistani Passport. You are exempted from verification, if you are in possession of MRP or under the age of 18 years or above 60 years of age in case of Dual National.
  14. There is very experienced, good and helping team posted at MRP section Consulate General of Pakistan, Canada, Toronto to serve you in a better way. We also expect you being a civilized Member of the community, avoiding any violence, irrelevant arguments in case of asking for the required documents or any other incident of technical fault in the computer system. We request you to please be passionate and cooperative while processing of your application to process timely and in a smooth way.
  15. In case of the separation of the parents, at least a single parent should be present at the time of processing of the passport application of the Minors/Below the age of 18 years, along with the court orders for issuance of the children Passports in favour of the single parent Mother/Father under the custody of that single parent, or any mutual agreement between the separated parents regarding the custody of the children and taking the children outside of jurisdiction duly attested by the concern authorities.
  16. Those whose online Passport applications are rejected due to BIO metrics or any other reasons and want to get Passport from MRP Section Consulate General of Pakistan, Canada, Toronto should get an online appointment and are requested to please bring the online system letter for cancellation of your online application letter along with the fee utilization letter from online section. The application will be processed subject to depositing of any difference of fee.
  17. Please come on time to collect your Passports from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM on your delivery date to avoid any inconvenience and hurdles.
  18. The use of cell phones is not allowed at MRP section, filming of any kind of Audio and Videos are also illegal and strictly prohibited at MRP section.
  19. All the required papers for MRP should be valid and in original along with the Photocopies please.
  20. Collection of passports will be in person or to any Blood relative (Parents, Siblings or Adult son and Daughter) dully authorized by the applicant. (Subject to proof of identity).

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