Pakistan Visa

To promote tourism and ensure easy access to all visa applicants, the Government of Pakistan has discontinued the processing of manual visas from January 31, 2021. Online visa applications are to be submitted on the following portal:

Important Guidelines for Overseas Pakistanis

  1. Applicants having Pakistani ID (Valid or expired) of their own or immediate family members may apply in "FAMILY VISIT" category by uploading the relevant documents (CNIC/NICOP/POC/Marriage Certificate/Birth Certificate/Driving Licence). Those not having any Pakistani ID may apply in appropriate category.
  2. In the type of passport, "ORDINARY" may be selected.
  3. Parental consent for Minors (under 18) signed by both the parents and attested by Notary Public or Oath Commissioner or Pakistan Consulate is mandatory.
  4. After submission of visa application, "REVIEW" tab on the visa portal may be checked frequently to respond to any query immediately as application will be automatically cancelled by the system if not responded within 07 days.
  5. Visa processing time is 07 To 10 Working Days and air tickets may not be booked before obtaining the visa.

Pakistan Visa Application Portal