Machine Readable Passports Lost

Machine Readable Passports Lost

In case you have lost your Passport, you can apply for reissuance of your Machine Readable Passport (MRP).

Following documents are required for processing an application:

  1. Police Report in Original.
  2. Loss Passport No. must be mentioned in Police Report.
  3. Passport Verification from concerned passport authority.


New MRP will only be processed after receiving the verification from the passport issuing office and police report from the concerned police station.

Any one of the following to prove valid status in Canada (Original & Photocopy):

  • PR-Card
  • Canadian Passport.
  • Study Permit / Multiple Visa / Super Visa / Work Permit
Note: In case parents are separated or divorced, the custodian father or mother is required to produce court orders confirming his/her legal right of custody of the child.

Important Note:

If you are a dual national i.e Pakistani and Canadian citizen, please do not deposit urgent passport fee as the passport cases of dual nationals are referred to Islamabad for their report/clearance. Cases are finalized on receipt of report from Islamabad. The processing of passports in these cases could take longer than 90 business days.

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