Pension Papers Verification

To facilitate those Pakistani pensioners who are living abroad but receiving pension in Pakistan, the Government of Pakistan has decided that they may now submit their Life Certificates duly authenticated by Pakistan Embassy/Consulate or medical officer of the host country, through Embassy/Consulate to the Chief Account Officer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Chief Account Officer, in turn, will forward the same to the concerned bank for updating it in NADRA system. Life Certificate can be downloaded from the following link:

Life Certificate for pension must be submitted by the pensioner personally. In case of ailment/old age the pensioner may send his blood relative to the Consulate by making an appointment through the Consulate's website. The pensioner's representative will submit the original and valid CNIC/NICOP/Pakistani Passport of the pensioner and arrange a video call so that the Consulate staff can talk to the pensioner personally and verify the particulars. After confirmation, the Consulate will only issue the life certificate for the pensioner. For any other kind of certificate/affidavit the pensioner has to visit the Consulate personally and sign before the Consular Officer.

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