NADRA Requirements

Following NADRA Services are now available at Pakistan Consulate Toronto:

  • Processing Facility for National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP)
  • Processing Facility for Pakistan Origin Card (POC)
  • Processing Facility for Family Registeration Certificate (FRC)
  • Applicants can provide their Biometrics (Fingerprints) against applications filed in Pakistan for issuance of Succession Certificate in Pakistan
  • Power of Attorney (POA) and Succession Certificate are not being processed at this time by NADRA Desk
General Instructions for Processing at NADRA Centre in Pakistan Consulate Toronto:
  • Book / Schedule an appointment through Pakistan Consulate's official Website (
  • Bring necessary documents according to the processing type. Detailed document requirement can be checked through NADRA website (
  • Bring original Credit and Debit cards with bank's pre-authorization approval for online international transactions
  • The Consulate would charge additional fee on top of prescribed NADRA Fee, through Debit Card only
  • The applicants must provide details of two verifiers (Pakistani citizen/dual nationals) with CNIC/NICOP numbers and their phone numbers.
  • The application will NOT be submitted until the above-mentioned requirements are fulfilled
  • In case the applicant has already started the online application through NADRA website, please bring the username and password through which the application was processed (Please bring all required documents i.e. existing NICOP, PR card, Pakistani Passport, Foreign passport)
  • In case of processing fresh case of NICOP for newborn, please bring Child's long birth certificate, Canadian passport and Parents' CNIC/NICOP cards

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